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Understanding approach of teaching


Problem solving techniques are told for competitions


Regular tests based on IIT-JEE/NEET as well as school exams are taken


SMS Alerts for every tests


Topic wise precise practice sheets 


Online tests which can be given from home


24 x 7 teachers availability Online/Offline



Basic Revision

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Basic concepts are like the foundation of  a building. If foundation is weak, then the building can never be strong, no matter how beautiful the texture is.   
Our prime motive and the first step is to make our students thorough with their basics.We first devote some time to revise the basic concepts related to the topic so that it is easy to understand the entire chapter.


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Science is all around us. The more you visualise,the more you imagine and the more you understand the scientific phenomenon around you.Therefore,all the possible concepts are demonstrated in front of our students.We will make you visualise science.

Black Board Teaching

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Technology has affected the country in a good way and has made various contributions towards smart and easy learning,but we strongly believe and feel that Indian students are more comfortable and acquire smart learning with board teaching,rather than online teaching. Therefore the majority of teaching done in sciencealaya is still by conventional classroom sessions.


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Once the students have understood their sessions,they are challenged with some set of problems/case studies which they are made to solve in groups.These problems are designed in order to check how much a concept is understood and will be retained by a student. It also helps in peer-learning, as students help their peers to  clear their miscellaneous doubts.


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Our students need to solve as much no of problems as they can. By doing so they can master on the topic and prepare themselves for the competitive exams which is their ultimate goal. We provide some quality study materials to our students from which they solve problems.



After every chapter taught, a student needs to give a chapter test of that chapter. This helps us to analyse the performance of our students and also prepare them for competitive exams. We regularly monitor the test scores of each student and individual attention is given to required students.


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It's very obvious to have some some doubts in the topic after all the above stages of learning. Therefore we conduct doubt classes after each topic to remove doubts. The learning environment at sciencealaya makes our students to feel a atmosphere where they can contact their teachers anytime for any doubts even after the classes.

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